It was a quite cold November day a few years ago, it was Thursday actually, when Urška stepped on a train to drive to a nearby town for her first ever meeting in a local photo club. She was into photography a year or two at that point and joining a photo club seemed interesting and Domen did photography as a hobby for a few years at that time. Little did she know that what seemed like an ordinary day would turn out to be everything else but ordinary. And Domen had no clue either. It was around five in the afternoon that the meeting started and our first handshake was a bit awkward. Now that we look back at it, it seems like the first spark was already there from the first moment our eyes met. Months passed before we started to hang out together more outside of the photography meetings and before we actually admitted that there is something more than just friendship. And the rest is history, as they say.
We are Urška Majer and Domen Kolšek, destination wedding photographers and we are really happy that you found this little web corner of ours while searching for your perfect wedding photographer. We specialize in photographing weddings and couples, because after photographing different types of photography we discovered that this what we love to capture the most. We simply love how each wedding day is unique, full of amazing moments and beautiful emotions. We are based in Slovenia, Europe and we are available to travel worldwide for your wedding, engagement, anniversary or proposal!
Urška & Domen