Those of you who read our blog often know that we don’t really photograph a lot of family and maternity sessions. Mostly because we really want to focus on weddings and also because we normally don’t have time to do this sessions. But when Aleksandra and Benjamin told us they are expecting their second baby we knew we will have to make time for a little family and maternity session. You are probably wondering why. Well, Aleksandra and Benjamin got married a few years ago and their wedding was our first one together. They risked quite a bit(because it was our first wedding together) and trusted us with their wedding day. And we are still and we will forever be grateful for that! We took them and their daughter Ivana to the nearby lake, where we did the photographs in the nearby woods. Who would have thought that this beautiful little woodsy place is just nearby the lake we go for walks were often. The light was right and Aleksandra was glowing! We loved photographing this beautiful family! :)

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