Even though Roxy is at Domen’s house for almost a month now, we didn’t had time to properly introduce her. Roxy is a mixed breed dog, and she was two months old in the start of the month. We suspect it has a bit of terier in her blog. She loves to bite her little piggy, that makes very “nice” voices, or she loves to watch and run after Yashica or just run around and around until she rans out of energy(which she has a lot). A few photos can be see below and we are sure that you’ll be able to see more of her on our blog :).

roxy-1 roxy-2 roxy-3 roxy-4 roxy-5 roxy-6 roxy-7 roxy-8 roxy-9 roxy-10 roxy-11 roxy-12

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