Can you believe it? Summer is long gone and i can’t believe how quickly it went by. I think has something to do with photographing weddings because i can’t believe we’re already done with wedding season. It was such an amazing wedding season and we can’t wait to start sharing full stories on the blog soon. We also have some really gorgeous engagement and anniversary sessions to show you and can’t wait to show those either. But let’s get back to blogging with a wrap up post and since we’ve stopped doing weekly wrap up sometime in mid August we decided to do a big end of summer wrap up post today.

So how were the past few weeks and what we’ve learnt?

– The biggest lesson was seeing that you can actually get a pretty bad stomach flu in the middle of summer. I mean, we knew that you can get one no matter the year, but mostly you can get one in winter and we haven’t really heard anyone say that they had one in summer. Well, guess what. We both got it during the wedding season so we had to stay in bed for almost a week, but thankfully we were able to photograph the next wedding afterwards without problems.

– We took a trip two week ago with my parents and Zoja to the Gorenjska part of the country and also a bit over the border to Italy to visit some pretty lakes and views. It was gorgeous and such a beautiful day! The only thing we didn’t really like was that Zoja was always worried where all of us are(if we weren’t walking close together), because she likes to know exactly where her people are all the time. Oh, dogs :).

– What was with weather from mid August on? It seemed like the only day that has rainy forecast were Saturday. Like 3 or 4 in the row. Thankfully it rained only on one wedding through the day and on other it only started raining after the reception has already started.

– We’ve photographed 20 weddings this year and a bunch of engagement, anniversary and honeymoon sessions so yes prepare for a lot of pretty blog posts!

– And to finish this i’m letting you know we’re working on some stuff that we can’t wait to show soon ;).

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