For those who don’t know, we love chocolate. Like, love love love chocolate. And our favorite cake is for sure a mousse cake, that actually doesn’t have to be chocolate. For quite some time i wanted to start making cakes for family birthdays and i started with a “sure” option and made a normal cake without mousse and even though it tasted really good it didn’t look that great(see here). Somehow the thought of making a mousse cake scared me a bit. But after searching the web i found a few recipes that looked quite easy and decided to try it. Thankfully i did, cause this is the best cake ever(in my opinion and in the opinion of all the people that tried it!). And since quite a few people asked for recipes on facebook and instagram we decided to make some pretty photos of the last cake i made and post the recipe here. For the base i used this amazing recipe – Chocolate raspberry mousse cake. Even though everyone loved it i somehow wasn’t satisfied with the base “brownie” layer and so i decided to search for a bit different recipe just for that layer. And i have found it on this site – Triple chocolate mousse cake. porocni-fotograf-celje-ljubljana-primorska-obala-2 TRIPLE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE GANACHE First you’ll need an adjustable pan(like this one) and acetate foil(i actually used the office ones that are for paper and they were fine). The recipe below is for a 20 centimeter cake. BASE LAYER I actually did everything the way it’s written here, but i used all the ingredients in half, since i don’t like that base layer very high. Ingredients: –  145 g of dark chocolate(the one for cooking) – 2 large eggs – 35 g of sugar – a pinch of salt – vanilla extract(I bought this and used one for the base layer and one for the vanilla layer) – 60 g of butter I did it the way it’s written in the recipe on the link. The only thing i didn’t do is bake it in a water bath, i just baked it normally. porocni-fotograf-celje-ljubljana-primorska-obala-1 porocni-fotograf-celje-ljubljana-primorska-obala-3 WHITE CHOCOLATE LAYER The white and the dark chocolate layer were done as it’s written on the recipe here. Here i did a 1,5x ingredients since i didn’t do the raspberry layer. Ingredients: – 385 g of white chocolate(for cooking) – 360 ml of heavy cream(this one will be for the whipped part) – 175 ml of heavy cream(this one goes in with the melted chocolate) – gelatin – i used this one – i used 4 sheets for a 1,5x ingredient layer(if you are doing a 2x ingredients layer you can use about 6 or 7 sheets of gelatin) – vanilla extract DARK CHOCOLATE LAYER I also did a 1,5x of ingredients for this layer also and it’s prepared like the white chocolate one. Don’t forget to refrigerate the first layer for about an hour so that it’s firm before you pour over this one. Ingredients: – 385 g of dark chocolate(for cooking) – 360 ml of heavy cream(this one witll be for the whipped part) – 265 ml of heavy cream(this one goes in with the melted chocolate) – gelatin(4 sheets, as written above) porocni-fotograf-celje-ljubljana-primorska-obala-4 porocni-fotograf-celje-ljubljana-primorska-obala-5 WHITE CHOCOLATE GANACHE When i make chocolate ganache for a 20 cm cake i use 50 ml of heavy cream and around 100-110 g of dark chocolate. Here i made a white chocolate one and i used 50 ml of heavy cream and around 130-150 g of white chocolate. You should first make the 50ml and 100 g mixture and then you’ll see if you have to add more chocolate. Chocolate ganache is really easily made, all you do is heat the heavy cream and then pour it over the chocolate pieces and just mix it together. I suggest waiting a bit, so that it’s not hot, before you pour it over the cake. And that actually is it :). Also if you need a cups to grams conversion, i love this site where you have everything explained. And here you can see three more chocolate cakes that i made in the last few months. porocni-fotograf10857997_10206323691836286_4209696438355328642_n

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  1. 24.04.2015

    V trenutku mi je padel cukr…čudovite :)

  2. 24.04.2015

    Next career choice? haha :)
    Hudo dobro zgleda – bom naslednjič delala torto po tvojem receptu, mogoče se mi ne sesuje … :)

  3. 24.04.2015

    That looks amazing! Of course, anything with chocolate, is a win, win!

  4. 27.04.2015

    Ohhhhh YUM!! This looks incredible!!

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