Happy Monday! These past two weeks went by in the blink of an eye. It’s engagement sessions season and we love seeing all our couples again and talk about their almost 100% planned wedding that is happening somewhere somewhere in the next few weeks. It’s so great to connect with them on a whole different level than during the meeting even though we don’t talk just strictly wedding photography stuff at the first meeting. Personal connection is key to such spontaneous and relaxed photographs that we love to capture! And also it’s not just engagement session season but also uni exam season. Yay, not! Two more exams are waiting for the till the end of June and one more in September. But i’m thinking to myself if i did all the past exams i’m going to do these three too.

So, as always, things we’ve learnt/saw/did in the past few weeks:

– We’ve learned(even though i’m sure we came to the same conclusion last year, but you know we forgot it till this year) there are two types of wedding hangover. The ones when you wake up the next day and you feel 100% fine and great and full of energy, but when afternoon comes you get more and more tired. And then there is the other type of the wedding hangover, which leaves you feeling so tired and so sleepy and like you’ve been hit by a train the whole day, even right after you wake up. So yes, none of those are great options. But we’ve learned that is the price you pay for being able to capture such gorgeous days of our couples life. Wouldn’t trade it for anything else!

– Photographing at the same spot wasn’t our fave thing a few years back, but as we learnt to see things differently and more creatively we don’t mind it at all. Actually we love it! We’ve photographed for the third time in a beautiful location this past weekend and we just love what we capture and can’t wait to show it!

– Also, what is with this weather? It says it’s going to be rainy and then it’s cloudless, and of course that happens after we already cancel the session. Or we decide to do the session and then the bride to be calls us that it’s so dark and stormy that we should cancel it and then it started pouring down. Oh how i hate this quick weather changes, anyone else?

– We got our new boxes and we’re so excited to finish our new packaging this week :). Looking forward to show it to you all after it’s 100% done.

– Yesterday we opened the bathing season for Zoja and she loooooved a little dip in the river during her walk. You know, just to see if she still likes the water so much, just in case she maybe changed her mind. Nope, loooooves it! She is going to be so happy at the seaside in two weeks. And i’m also soooo looking forward to it :).

– We got one of last year’s wedding published in a slovenian wedding magazine and we can’t wait to show it to you in the next post.

– We’ve photographed a gorgeous wedding at the start of June, when even the bride’s dog made an appearance for a few photographs. He is quite a senior dog, but they brought him for a small part of the day and we just love capturing those photographs. Since we’re also (crazy) dog owners, we know how important is to capture moments with our fluffy best friends :). And we’re sooo looking forward to share that wedding soon!

And here is a beautiful photo that Domen captured after we ended the engagement session with this beautiful view of Piran.

poročni fotograf piran

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