Weekly wrap up

Hi everyone! We haven’t really done a weekly wrap up in what feels like forever. We are in the middle of the wedding season, and it’s the busiest wedding season we’ve ever experience. However, due to having our workflow figured out we are thankfully up to date with editing and sending out weddings. It’s been a gorgeous season so far and we really can’t wait to start blogging both engagement and anniversary sessions and all the pretty weddings we’ve had the chance to photograph. So many pretty things!

How how were our last few weeks and what happened/what have we learnt:

– We finally booked a roadtrip! Well technically we booked the flights and still nothing else but we have enough time(3 months) till it happens. We’re going to explore mainland Portugal and island Madeira for two weeks are we couldn’t be more excited. I’ve already have an Instagram board full of things to see and where to eat and a Pinterest board with the similar stuff pinned. We’re so excited because we haven’t been on a proper roadtrip for almost two years so this is really something we’ve been looking to for a while now. If you have any tips for Portugal we would love to hear it!

– Who knew that booking flights can be so hectic and hard? We had an eye on some exact flights for a few days, we check it’s still the same price and after that we went to the movies. We came back and the price was 60€ higher. I mean, what? But thankfully after some searching we found tickets on different dates for the same price. Yay! But lesson learned – don’t wait too long to book the tickets.

– I didn’t know that Madeira has so many exotic fruits, most of which we haven’t even heard about so that should be interesting. And now we’re really excited to taste some of those. We’ll see how that goes and if we like it!

– On Saturday i shared a secret on my Instagram stories on how i wear dresses to weddings instead of trousers, because quite a few female wedding photographers asked me. Well, the solution? Wearing short yoga pants so you can freely move around, jump, run or squat or whatever you have to do to take the shot!

– This weekend we’ve learnt that you really shouldn’t worry about the weather. For the whole week the forecast said rain for this Saturday. However on the day of the wedding it was a bit cloudy in the morning(with a few raindrops in between), but when we started photographing the wedding preparations the clouds cleared and it was sunny from there on. Magic, right?

And if you’re wondering how we look on a wedding day and how we’re dressed here is a quick selfie we took this Saturday.

poročni fotograf poroka

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