It’s time for another weekly wrap up. Oh, how a week can fly by! I have to say i really enjoy writing this and blogging quite consistently in the last few weeks. I just hope i’ll be able to have the same consistency in the next weeks.

So how was our last week?

– Ok, first of all i have to tell a little story about buying a trenchcoat. Just like that i decided i need a trenchcoat. And i started searching the shops for the perfect in that desert color or whatever color that is, you know like the one Columbo wore day after day. Not sure if you know that series, but i watched it in my early teens(probably, not sure!). Well I didn’t find. But then after a while i tried one with 3/4 sleeves and in that moment i remember i have a 3/4 sleeve trench coat at home. And i did! Imagine the happiness when i found it and it was the perfect one!

– On Friday we went to a concert. My first one in like forever(and Domen’s also), because to be honest i don’t really like thousands of people in one place, that’s just what i try to avoid but i made an exception for this concert because Domen really wanted to go and he got the tickets for his birthday from his sister. So of course i had to go! And let me tell you, i loved it! It was the 2cellos concert and if you ever have a chance to go you should! It was amazing!

– I baked a cake for Domen’s birthday celebration and since i loved the lemon blueberry cake so much from the weekend before i made the same one but with white chocolate cream cheese frosting with a bit of lemon. And it was even better than the first one! And i figured out what the problem of my runny cream cheese frosting was. It was lemon juice, because this time i didn’t add it(just the lemon zest) and it was the perfect consistency. If you want to see the cake head here!

– We always take advantage of great sunny weather for a walk somewhere else than our usual route and we drove to the nearby lake and this fluffy girl loved it! Well she would love it even more if we allowed her to swim in the lake. Also this photo below made us realize that she really needs to have her hairdresser appointment. Thankfully we booked it for next week. We actually booked it nearly 3 weeks ago – yes, that how long you have to wait for the appointment. I think it has something to do with the warm weather and also the fact that the hairdresser comes to our house with her mobile salon in a van. It’s the coolest thing and even though it’s still really stressfull for Zoja it’s a bit less stressfull than driving her to the salon which is in the same place as the vet. And we all know how dogs love their vet!

– Do you know when you sometimes say oh, i’m never gonna do that. Well, yup, it happens and you do exactly that! I’m talking about the fact that i once said i’m never ever going to go to the same place(and the same apartment) for a seaside holiday twice(well at least two sequentiall years). I just found that boring and i really admired people that could do that and not get bored. Well let me tell you. We booked the same exact place as last year! And i’m looking forward to it! Does that mean i’m getting old? Hah. Why we booked the same place? Because of Zoja actually. This seaside trip is more for her than us(even though we always love a few days off) and we really had to think what would be the best for her. This place is a good four hour drive from our hometown, there are no ferries(because on all the ferries the dogs have to have muzzle and Zoja actually never wore one so we didn’t want to put that stress on her, there are no additional fees for the ferry(just a small fee for the bridge) and the island is really cute and has a lot of shadow and wild beaches which is what we’ve been looking for so Zoja can really enjoy her seaside without too much people. So yes, never say never!

Happy Wednesday!

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