Long time no post. Well, not that we’ve been posting quite a lot it seems like that! Also i can’t believe it’s already May. Where did almost half a year go? On the other hand i’m really happy it’s May, because it’s finally time for a trip we’ve been looking forward to for more than six months now(more on that later in the post!). The past two weeks have been more quiet with engagement session season slowly starting and a lot of bad weather that actually made us cancel quite a few engagement sessions.

Without further ado, here is a glimpse in the last two weeks:

– We’ve had a save the date session with a lovely couple, that turned into a half engagement session since they don’t know if they’ll be in Slovenia before their wedding and because the weather allowed it. And it was my first session where i photographed without my shoes. Because i wore ankle boots with a thick but quite high heel, because i thought that it will be ok for a few photographs for the save the date/invitation. And when we decided to make the session a bit longer i had to walk around just in socks if i didn’t really wanted to have a broken ankle. But since the lovely bride to be had heels too she decided the same thing so it was actually a really funny thing! But it has thought me to always have a pair of flats somewhere in the car everytime we plan for a session. Don’t worry i always wear sneakers or something without heels so i’m able to walk and run around when photographing!

– Do you know that feeling when you have something planned for more than six months and it’s only a week away? That’s how we’re feeling right now. We booked with this lovely couple more than six months ago for their honeymoon session on the Amalfi coast and it’s happening next week. We’re so excited! I actually don’t know why but i’m really excited for this short trip. Probably because it’s a place we’ve never been before, because we have a session booked in such an amazing place and because it’s Amalfi coast. And i can already imagine how all those places will look on film! Ahhh, counting down the days!

– Last week we booked the hotels for our next week’s trip. Yes, we went from booking months in advance to booking a week or two before. Don’t worry we had some back up hotels booked just in case but then i found some gorgeous ones and booked those! And i found out that if you book on their website it’s going to be even cheaper than on any booking sites even with the added extra discount. Yaaay!

– As you might now Zoja is a water dog and looooves water so we’ve been looking for a solution to have a little pool in the backyard in the summer. And we just bought one for less than 20€(all the options we’ve been looking for were more than 70€). And she loves it(well i’ve only showed her the pool without water) and hopefully it will last for at least this summer. Now we’re waiting for some warm weather!

– We had a gorgeous engagement session during this weekend and we found the perfect olive grove just a few minutes away from a gorgeous beach. The perfect combo right?

– We saw Beauty and the Beast and loved it! It’s such a gorgeous movie and it remined us of our french trip last year(you can see some film photographs here).

– Let’s just say we started working on something for Urška & Domen Photography that we’ve been looking forward to work on for quite a long time now. Ahhhh, so excited!

Have a great week!

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