Happy Monday, guys!

So before i even start with our travels i wanted to share that last week marked two years since we brought home a little bundle of joy named Zoja and i’m really really happy that she is part of our lives!

It’s been an amazing week of travelling so we’re bringing you the weekly wrap up Amalfi edition. Well, where should i start? On Sunday we packed our bags and had a very early wake up on Monday, 2 am to be exact. I’ve made some sandwiches because we had a three hour drive to the airport(the perks of living in a small country without any good(read:cheap) flight connections) in Venice and i knew we will be hungry. The drive there went really well and we arrived even before we planned. I think it took us less than three hours and even with a small stop in between. We’ve arrived quite early, i think we had around 3 full hours before our flight so we were able to do some resting before the trip started. Oh, how i lovethat Easyjet opens their check ins very early before the flight! It was quick but sweet trip and we would love to share some “what’ve learned this week” with you today.

So our “we learnt this week” list is:

– Flight from Venice to Naples is a very short one. It’s actually almost not long enough for the very hot tea that you’ve ordered to get to a normal drinking temperature. But that didn’t stop me from ordering it on our flight back.

– Temperatures on the Amalfi coast together with hot sun and humidity makes for a very hot day even at the beginning of May. I’m talking about sleeveless tops, short and flip flops kind of day. It felt like in the middle of summer!

– Regarding the last line. That hot kind of weather also means that you’ll get red very easily if you don’t use sunscreen. Well, we had the sunscreen, but who knew it doesn’t help when it’s in the back of your car in the suitcase, right?! Haha. My arms look like i was already on the seaside for at least a week or two! Lesson learned :).

– Also, lets mix that hot weather with a lot of stairs that actually don’t go where you should go and you have to walk up again to go on the other road that actually leads you to town and not just to the beach that is not connected to the town beach. Well afterwards we learned that it is actually possible to come to the other side of those rocks, but yeah we walked all the probably 300 steps ups. Not the best 15 minutes of our trip!

– I don’t know why i haven’t written this yet, but southern Italy driving is the worst ever. Like, really really the worst! And when you decide at the rental company that you’re good and that you don’t need the additional full insurance it makes it even worse! We regreted that decision after 15 minutes on the road. People drive like crazy, motorbikes are passing you on each side, there are buses going in the other direction and they almost always go by by just a few centimeteres. It’s really really stressfull! We’ve never driven somewhere so crazy and stressfull and since we’re going back in July we’ll be sure to buy the additional insurance for a more calmer driving.

– And everyone wants to have your car keys because there is not a lot of parking space anywhere there. The hotel and the parking lot people. It’s really weird, especially when you don’t want to give your car keys to a crazy driving italian people because it’s not fully insured. Thankfully we found a parking space in Positano that allowed us to not give them car keys and we somehow explained to the hotel parking person why we don’t want to give him the keys and we just reparked the car later when there was enough space.

– Everything around Naples is so dirty and full of litter. It’s awful. But when you come to the Amalfi everything is beautiful and clean. What a difference!

– We didn’t know what to expect from the Amalfi coast but we really loved it. It’s gorgeous, the views are amazing and the towns have a really safe and cozy feeling. Looking forward to share some photos from it!

– One thing we learned this week was that we can bring homemade sandwiches to our carry on. Who knew? I’ve never really tried that and there isn’t anything on the internet that would say what excatly of food can you bring with you so we just decided to try and it worked! Yay! That means no more overpriced airport sandwiches!

All in all it was an amazing trip, we had a gorgeous honeymoon session and we photographed two film rolls of travel photographs that are getting developed this week. We really can’t wait to show you all that! And what i’m grateful today for is not just the travels that we do but that i’m able to do it all with my best friend. He is the most amazing travel companion that i could have ever imagined and i can’t imagine doing it any other way! And what i’m even more grateful after this trip is that he is not just an amazing travel companion but he is really amazing when it comes to long car drives and that he got us safe and sound through the most crazy driving we’ve ever experienced <3. Have a great week!

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