Happy Tuesday! I know i wrote it before but this weekly wrap up posts remind me how fast days are flying by. Wasn’t just March and now we’re almost in June?! Where did almost half a year go? Our wedding season has started this weekend and it’s going to be a great one! The next few weeks are going to be filled with engagement sessions, weddings and some quick trips in between.

So how were the last two weeks?

– I didn’t know that Domen can take an even better photo of me and Zoja and that it’s going to be my new all time favourite but he did! Oh, how i love that photo! If you haven’t seen it check it out here.

– We were featured on one of our fave wedding blogs Rock my wedding with one of our fave weddings. Perfect combination right?

– We took some left snaps on the film roll from the Amalfi and took some photographs of Zoja. Photographing a dog on digital is hard, especially a dog with so much energy and quick moves, but photographing that dog on film is a whole new level of hard. But she is a good girl (sometimes) and she knows how to stay so we can take some photographs of her. And the photographs were a success, we’ll share them with you in a future blog post.

– Last week we woke up so early that it was still very dark and got to bed so late that it we already saw that it’s getting less darker and it was just half an hour before sunrise. Thinking it that way it makes us a bit crazy, but let me explain. We woke up early for another gorgeous sunrise session in Venice and we got to bed late when we came home from a wedding. That was the longest drive ever home, but we made it! Yay!

– We loved seeing Venice full of gorgeous sculptures because of the biennale and especially these hands touching the building that we saw on Facebook a few days before our trip.

– We finally found the perfect packaging! It only took us four years! Hehe! Well we had to drive a good hour to see the boxes but it was worth it, because they look excatly as we wanted. And we can’t wait to put the finishing touches on our packaging for this year’s wedding :).

– We booked a quick seaside trip for next month and even though we are going to the same island that last year i can’t wait for it. I think it has something to do with seeing your precious pup enjoy seaside so much. I just can’t describe the joy of looking at her being so happy while swimming. Yup, a water dog for sure! And i found a great apartment for a really good price. Which is not that easy when you’re trying to find a dog friendly apartment with proper parking and some grass around at the start of high season for a reasonable price. But i got lucky i guess. And we just might book it for another seaside trip in September :). Who knew that simple seaside trips would make me so excited? :) And that’s why i decided to include a last year’s film shot from the seaside trip to this post.

– Also who knew that Venice in the morning can be so humid? It was the worst! We we’re just walking and we were all sweating(well i can talk for me and Domen) like we’re in a sauna. But an hour later it was much fresher, thankfully!

– We got the scans back from the Amalfi coast and we can’t wait to share them with you! Looooove them! :)

I’m off to do some studying and some editing before we’re off to another engagement session!
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