Woah, can’t believe we’ve been to the gorgeous Amalfi coast two times in two months. A year ago we only hoped that we’ll photograph there and we now photographed there two times. Feels like a dream came true! This time we were there for only one night but we saw so much. The trip started on Tuesday when we left for a night near Venice airport since we had a very early flight. After the flight we headed straight to Positano for lunch and a bit of sightseeing and after that we got some well needed rest since it was a very early morning start the next day at 4am. Well, that’s the only way to get empty streets of the beautiful Positano. And let me tell you, it was really worth it! We’re sharing the preview tomorrow morning so stay tuned for that!

Things that happened/stuff we learned this week:

– Now that we’ve been to the south of Italy two times we can 100% say that the italian driving is crazy. Or even a stop above that. It’s like a comedy, but you really don’t have time to laugh because you are in the middle of it. One lane roads are usually two lane roads, there are motorcycles passing you on both sides and even cars are jumping in front of you at every corner. It’s really stressful.

– However, we had full insurance this time so we drove with a peace of mind. And it felt amazing! So if you’re ever there, be sure to get the full insurace!

– Mornings in summer there are so humid! It was like 75% humidity at 6am, not kidding! Thankfully you don’t have time to think about it during the session.

– I don’t like lemon ice cream, but when you’re in Amalfi i knew i had to try one. And it did not dissapoint. It was amazing actually! More like a sorbet than ice cream, which is just the way i like my ice cream.

– On the 6th we celebrated our 7th anniversary and it was the second time in a row that we were somewhere for our anniversary which is amazing actually. You can’t say that you’ve went for lunch to the Amalfi coast for your anniversary every year :).

– Mozzarella di Bufala is really good. Like really really good! If you have the chance to try it you should!

– There is a tunnel that connects Amalfi with Atrani and it’s so amazing to be able to walk inside there instead of outside on the really hot sun. Yaaay!

– If you arrive to Amalfi after 11am you’ll have a hard time finding a parking spot so we suggest you arrive early! We parked at around 9am there and there was still a lot of parking spaces left, but still not as much as we tought there would be that early in the day.

– When we were there in May we saw that a street in Positano has greenery above it but we knew that it blooms pink in summer so we really hoped that we would be able to see it blooming this time. And we did and we also photographed the beautiful there. Ahhh, can’t wait to share some previews!

– Check the details of the pretty room below that we had on the first night. And it was such a bargain! It felt like we’re in a b&b in France and it remined us of the home-like b&b’s that we stayed in in England and Ireland which reminded us that we should take a roadtrip somewhere this year because it’s been so long since our last one!

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