Weekly wrap up | A trip to Munich, Germany

You know that feeling when you think that after you photograph the last wedding of the season everything will be a lot less busy. Well, it’s just a feeling! It actually doesn’t happen that way. We’ve finished our wedding season two weeks ago and we’re still knee deep in work, mostly also because we want to finish everything before we’re out of the office for more than two weeks. And to even think that we wanted to go on a vacation in October. Well, thankfully we didn’t!

Last week was probably one of the busiest ones and here are some things that happened:

– Sometimes bookings take a few weeks, from the first email we get to the meeting either in person or over Skype to actually booking the wedding. Well, last week we had a Skype meeting on Thursday on Wednesday we’ve already got the wedding 100% booked and on Friday we were already on our way to Munich, Germany, for their engagement session. It was probably the fastest we’ve ever booked a wedding and we’re so glad everything(even the weather) worked out so perfectly!

– So in the middle of all the editing we went to Munich for two days, drove there for almost 7 hours(thanks to the waiting at the country borders and a partially closed tunnel), slept for a few hours, had a sunrise session at a gorgeous location Schloss Nymphenburg, ate breakfast and drove home in 5 hours and 20 minutes, without a stop. That was probably the only time we’ve driven for such a long time without a stop but everything went perfectly smooth so there was no need to stop :).

– In 24 hours we drove 1000 km.

– We loved the location! It was the perfect time for the session because there were almost no people(i mean, who gets to a location at 7am? Yes, only photographers.) and there were so many pretty trees with fall color! And let’s not talk about the pretty doors and shutter we found in one of the smaller parts of the Schloss in the woods. Perfection! See here.

– We’ve only photographed people in normal clothes without any traditions involved. Well, the couple decided for the traditional Bavarian outfits for the engagement session – the drindl and lederhosen – and we loved it! We’re not big fans of traditions, mostly because they are done because they have to be done, but when they are done right we love them!

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