Weekly wrap up | A trip to Portugal

Hi everyone! We’re back from our two week trip to Portugal and to describe it in a few words, it was amazing! We’ve seen so many pretty places – from Sintra with it’s history and palaces, to Algarve and it’s gorgeous sunset at cliffs and beaches to the beautiful and warm Lisbon and the stunning almost exotic Madeira. So many different places but each so beautiful in it’s own way. We have to say that Lisbon is our fave of the big cities we’ve seen in Europe.

A bit of statistics from our trip:

– 4 flights

– 2 rental cars(both were returned without any additional scratches – yay!)

– 6 hotels

– 1353 km driven around mainland Portugal and 810 km driven around Madeira, so altogether 2163km

– 150 km walked (calculated by Fitbit)

– if we would count all the hills and steps we’ve walked it would be 593 floors (calculated by Fitbit).

portugal-wedding-photographer-1 portugal-wedding-photographer-2 portugal-wedding-photographer-3 portugal-wedding-photographer-4

Just to recap everything here are a few interesting things:

– There are a lot of hills in Lisbon. We knew that Lisbon is called the city of seven hills but we didn’t expect that many stairs and walking up a hill. But with all the pretty streets we saw it was all worth it!

– Who knew weather was so amazing in Portugal in November? We had 9 days of amazing cloudless and warm weather while we were on the mainland. We did had a few showers on Madeira and clouds but it fits it’s landscape perfectly.

– On our first day we went to see Praia da Ursa which is a gorgeous beach near Sintra. We didn’t know that it was so hard to reach, but maybe the fact that we didn’t see a lot(just two) of session done there should be an indication that is hard to get there. From the parking to the beach is around 10 minutes of walking on a normal path and then around 20-30 minutes of climbing over rocks and hoping you don’t fall down a cliff. And we went there twice. Why? Because we had an anniversary session there the next day. But it was so worth it(see the photo below!)!

– Pasteis de nata are really really delicious. Especially eaten fresh with a sprinkle of cinnamon and powdered sugar. Yummy! Even though the pastry shop in Belem is the very famous one we found better ones in Lisbon city center without any crowds :).

– Walking 1,5 km to get to a gelateria that you found on Instagram is so worth it when the gelato is soooo good! And when they give you some whipped cream on top that fits perfectly!

– How it’s possible that some places are really beautiful and interesting and literally no tourists are there just because it’s 2km from the main attractions?

– An the same goes for all the pretty beaches in Algarve. We were mostly the only ones at sunsets there! But i’m not complaining, it was amazing!

– Madeira is whole other world! There are banana plantations on the south and a bunch of cities/towns, there are a lot of hills in between and the north looks like Jurassic world. You drive 10 or 20 minutes and it’s a totally different landscape. And we loved that! And every part is so beautiful.

So that’s for a quick recap, we’ll be posting more photographs soon :). And we’re starting with blogging the weddings and sessions of this year this week! Stay tuned!



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