We are so happy that we can share this post full of cuteness with you finally! Everyone, meet Zoja! Zoja is the new member of our lives and we couldn’t be happier. She is only 8 weeks old and we only have her for 3 days but she brought so much sunshine and happiness into our lives. We choosed the name Zoja(slovenian version of english name Zoe) because it mean life and she really brought life back into our lives :). She might look like a Poodle, but she is not. She is a Lagotto Romagnolo breed, which actually means Romagna water dog. When we started looking for puppies and found this breed we feel in love. They have a long life expectancy(up to 17 years) and minimal health issues and also they don’t shed a lot. Besides that, they are very intelligent and trainable :). We found Zoja’s litter in Croatia, near Opatija. She was born to two white lagottos and she had two sisters and four brothers, all very very cute! And she was the only apricot puppy in the litter :). She is currently learning all about puppy life and her new home. Did i mention she is so so so fluffy and soft? She is simply the cutest!

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